Culinary culture born from mountain springs, right in Tokyo's backyard 

A wealth of natural springs flow through the mountain valleys of the Chichibu region.
The purity of the springs and the warmer temperatures of the mountain basin make Chichibu ideal for the production of foods and beverages that are best made with pristine water.
Orchards, vineyards, and breweries are everywhere, and the locals sell wine, sake, whisky, and even shaved ice to capitalize on this regional asset.
Water is also a theme when sightseeing in Chichibu: numerous hot springs,
the "cloud sea" produced in the valley by low-hanging clouds,
and the riverside rock formations known as the Nagatoro Iwadatami are all popular destinations.
Even the famous Chichibu Night Festival-one of the three biggest float parades in Japan----owes part of its religious significance to the blessings of water.  

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