unshu mikan Ehime Prefecture has over 200 islands off the coast of the Seto Inland Sea and the Uwa Sea and it is known as the leading producer of citrus fruits. Yawatahama has famous terraced mikan orchards on the slopes made with stones stacked from the coastline. Taking in all the sunlight from the sky, the sea, and the stone slopes, unshu mikan oranges grown here are high-quality in terms of sweetness and color. Jakoten Jakoten is a specialty dish of Yawatahama. Made with fried fish paste, it has a smokey flavor when grilled lightly. Jakoten is also one of the ingredients of Yawatahama Champon, a noodle dish loved by locals. Yawatahama Champon Yawatahama Champon has a signature light flavor that comes from dashi made with chicken broth, bonito, and kombu. It is served at local restaurants and is soul food for the locals. Feeding farmed red sea bream experience Enjoy ‘Feeding and boat experience’ at Ehime which has the top production of red snapper. Please enjoy these activities that are based on the local food there! Trawler fishery In Yawatahama, the trawling fishery (offshore seine fishing) began in 1918, and the production of fish meat paste products made from a wide variety of fish has been developed. “Jakoten”, which uses so-called “small fish” such as firefly-fish, is famous, and is used as an ingredient in citizen’s soul food “Yawatahama Champon”. The umami that spreads with the crunchy texture is a unique specialty. Mukainada terraced fields -Terraced fields that shine golden in Autumnー The landscape of terraced fields that extend from near the coastline to near the top of the mountain is a major feature of the “Ehime / Nanyo citrus farming system” selected as a Japanese agricultural heritage, and can be seen in various places in Yawatahama city. Above all, the terraced fields of Mukainada are also selected as “88 Scenic Views of Shikoku”, which is a grand title. The scenery pans in front of the ‘Yawatahama minatto’ road station. Local cuisine, Satsuma soup Furthermore enjoy the Yawatahama local cuisine ‘Satsuma soup making experience’ etc, there are many activities here special to the town of mandarins and fish.