Draft horses compet in a one-in-a-kind race Visit the world’s only Banei racecourse. The historical race developed during Hokkaido’s pioneering days and features large draft horses racing while hauling heavy sleds. GARNISHED TOKACHI BEEF Tokachi wine has well-balanced acidity and is produced from local grapes, and Tokachi Beef is raised on the land and formed by the frigid winters. YOU CAN SMELL THE NATURAL WHEAT INTOKACHI ROLLS Breads and rolls known as “Tokachi pan” are made with 100 percent local wheat. And lest you forget dessert, the confections made from local azuki (red beans) are a special treat as well.These are among the many wonderful culinary attractions to enjoy when visiting Tokachi. A LARGE BUNDLE OF HAY SITS ON A TOKACHI FIELD/THE HOARFROST GLEAMS UNDER A BRIGHT WINTER SKY The great outdoors of Tokachi is enjoyable in every season of the year: the budding plants in spring, the crops laden with their bounty in summer, and, in fall, the industrious harvesting of crops by large agricultural machinery all have their own charms. Winter is a special time when the plains are enveloped by air as cold as -25° C. The landscape becomes a wonderland of diamond dust, hoarfrost, and other marvels of winter. NEW SPA FACILITIES EXCELLENT FOR A DAY OF RELAXATION AND DELICIOUS FOOD/A GUIDED FARM TOUR Tokachi Garden Spa provides a way for families to enjoy the moor’s unique hot spring water together. For a bit of light agricultural education, join the Field Guided Tour, a popular activity that includes sampling freshly harvested foods. Culinary enthusiasts will also enjoy visiting a workshop to learn how to make cheese and prosciutto. CHEESE A specialty food of the area is Tokachi Raclette Cheese Moor Wash, one of the few cheeses in the world created using hot spring water. The unique moor spring water aids in fermentation, drawing out the umami of the cheese. A thick drizzle of Tokachi raclette on locally produced vegetables is a sumptuous delight.