Genbikei Gorge, a National Monument The dynamic scenery created by river erosion, such as the scenic and natural monument Genbikei Gorge, offers a wealth of attractions for the traveller. Agricultural activities Consider also participating in some of the many fun agricultural activities offered in the area, such as at Tategamori Ark Farm or the Honedera Village Estate—a great way to learn about farming while interacting with locals. A sampling of mochi preparations in lacquer bowls Since its inception, the mochi cuisine of Ichinoseki-Hiraizumi has evolved separately from that of other parts of Japan. Today there are more than 300 variations. Although contemporary ingredients can now be found in such combinations as pizza mochi, mochi cabbage rolls, and mochi spring rolls, look also for established standards, such as anko (red bean), walnut, and fusube (burdock root, daikon and chili pepper with chicken, or more conventionally, pond loach). There’s even a mochi parfait to satisfy sweet-tooth cravings. The towering cliffs of Geibikei Gorge, one of the 100 Landscapes of Japan Ichinoseki and Hiraizumi offer spectacular scenery. Geibikei Gorge, with its 100m-high cliffs, is one of Japan’s 100 most scenic spots. Mochi honzen experience While at Ichinoskei and Hiraizumi, make sure to partake in a mochi honzen meal or try your hand at pounding mochi while singing a mochi-tsuki song that has been handed down for generations.