Strawberries ready for picking at a U-pick orchard Picking your own Sanukihime strawberries at a U-pick orchard. Yellowtail feeding time Kids and adults alike will enjoy feeding the yellowtail at Ado Pond, where yellowtail farming got its start. Honenike Dam Two locations for your sightseeing list are Manno-ike Reservoir, one of Japan’s largest reservoirs, and Honen-ike Reservoir, Japan’s first multiple-arch dam whose towering structure resembles a medieval European castle. Sanuki udon Since early times, Sanuki udon has been a staple food for local households. Sanuki Udon is characterized by the firmness of its noodle, and there are various varieties including shippoku udon and uchikomi udon, which are made with seasonal vegetables and meat. A particularly sumptuous take on Sanuki udon is olive beef udon, which brings together the excellence of beef from olive-fed cattle and a premium local wheat called Sanuki no Yume. Olive yellowtail sashimi Two relatively recent innovations in the grand traditions of Sanuki cuisine are olive yellowtail. Look also for Sanuki San Fruit, locally branded fruits that have been cultivated for sweetness. One other Kagawa dish incorporating seasonal ingredients that must be mentioned is kankan-zushi, sushi made with spring Spanish mackerel caught in the Setouchi area. Monks walking the pilgrimage route Many visitors are drawn to Shikoku to walk the pilgrimage route, which provides time for serious reflection and contemplation. The many attractions of Sanuki are also great additions to your social media feed and will leave your followers astounded. Workshop participants proudly display their handmade udon// There are many fun activities to enjoy in the Sanuki area, including making Sanuki udon noodles.