HAVING FUN WHILE LEARNING HOW TO FARM Kyoto by the Sea offers these and many other activities to experience the sea, the mountains, and the countryside. Funaya homes line the harbor of Ine Ine, which is designated as one of the most beautiful villages in Japan. The village is notable for its funaya houses, which are built with space for storing a fishing boat. Tango barazushi Named after Tango, an old province of Japan, Tango barazushi is made in a wooden box. Various ingredients—including mackerel crumbles, which are unique to this dish—are arranged on top of sushi rice. Traditionally, Tango barazushi is eaten on special occasions, and the rice is divided with a wooden spatula and eaten as a family. Mackerel nukazuke Pickling fish or vegetables in rice bran is called nukazuke and is a traditional preservation method in Japan. When made using mackerel, nukazuke is known as heshiko in Kyoto by the Sea. Amanohashidate as viewed from the Kasamatsu Park funicular railway In Kyoto by the Sea, enjoy the varied scenery that shows how people have lived harmoniously with nature. Two of the finest examples are the Amanohashidate sandbar, which is one of the Three Views of Japan. Another feature to watch for is the fusion of Japanese traditions with those from the West, such as the brick buildings of Maizuru’s former naval base and silk heritage areas like the Former Bito Family House on Chirimen Street (chirimen is a high-quality kimono silk) in the town of Yosano. MAKING HAND-ROLLED SUSHI IS A POPULAR ACTIVITY AMONG VISITORS TO JAPAN Learning how to make new food is a great way to immerse yourself in local culture, and visitors can try their hand at making Tango barazushi or nigirizushi (hand-pressed sushi) with freshly caught fish. Yellowtail laid out for shabu-shabu The region has produced a number of unique dishes including yellowtail shabu-shabu, grilled crab, and nikujaga, a meat-and-potato stew simmered in a sweet soy sauce broth. Kyoto by the Sea abundant ingredients make such excellent dishes possible throughout the year.