Otaki Gorge The scenery from the promenade along the valley is a spectacular spot where you can see the clear stream flowing and weaving through the huge rocks of the green valley. Here, you can feel the mystery of nature. Sukiyaki with Matsusaka Beef Nanaho area in Taiki-cho is widely known for producing Matsusaka Gyu, or Matsusaka Beef. Matsusaka Beef has great marbling and is reared under strict quality control. When visiting Taiki-cho, try Sukiyaki with Matsusaka Beef – they literally melt in your mouth! Bekko-Zushi Farming of Buri, or Japanese amberjack has been practiced in Taiki-cho. In recent years, they’ve created their own brand of Japanese Amberjack called Ise Buri, which is farmed by using a special blend of feed made with Shizuoka’s green tea, citrus fruits, and seaweeds. Bekko-Zushi, a sushi made with amberjack, is one of the traditional dishes in Taiki-cho. The name Bokko, which means tortoiseshells comes from how the glossy amberjack on the sushi rice resembles one. Ouchiyama River The clear stream Miyagawa and its tributaries flow everywhere in the town, and in Taiki-cho, where the spring water is beautiful, natural sweetfish, natural eels, mitten crabs and endangered species inhabit here. Experience a food trip at a guest house ‘Matsusaka beef sukiyaki’ Harvest vegetables and mushrooms grown in the clean water of the Miyagawa river stream, and cook organically grown homemade rice in a kamado to make Matsusaka beef sukiyaki with the “Food x Agriculture” experience. Ayu shakuri fishing With the “Food x Traditional Fishing” experience, you can enjoy Ayu tourism by catching and cooking sweetfish using the traditional “Shakuri fishing” method at the Miyagawa river.