Takachiho sirloin beef Takachiho Beef is a premium brand of beef known for its tender meat and slightly sweet fat, exceptional qualities created by raising cattle with the fresh air and clean water of Takachiho area. The mosaic forest of Morotsuka Sightseeing points to take in are the scenic beauty of Takachiho Gorge, the “mosaic forest” of Morotsuka Village, with its mix of evergreens and deciduous trees, and the peaceful tea plantation landscape of Gokase. YAKIHATA SOBA Swidden field burning has become rare in Japan, but it remains a regular practice in Shiiba Village. The burning provides excellent nutrients for growing buckwheat, millet, and other grains. THE TEA FIELDS OF GOKASE The Togawa rice terraces of Hinokage and the “rice terraces of the Immortals” of Shiiba Village are some of the breathtaking scenery that demonstrate the local farmers’ dedication to rice farming over countless generations. The Kagura no Yakata and Learning to weave straw In Shiiba Village, enjoy kagura cuisine while taking in the ancient rituals of a night kagura performance, or sit down to a soba meal that you learned to make yourself. Let the outdoors refresh you with “forest therapy,” then learn how to roast tea leaves in Gokase or to weave straw in Hinokage. Yet another one of the many activities to enjoy in the area is mushroom picking in Morotsuka Village. Kagura cuisine Kagura foods are prepared for all-night kagura gatherings and include simmered foods and sushi rolls made with locally produced ingredients. Essential elements of this sacred cuisine include kappo-dori, chicken steamed in a bamboo container with other ingredients; kappo-zake, sake served heated in a bamboo tube; and kagura udon served with broth made from chicken and burdock root.