buckwheat noodle making experience You can experience soba making in a traditional house that was built in the late Edo period. The soba you made can be eaten for lunch straight away, whilst enjoying the atmosphere of an old Japanese building and immersing yourself more into the culture. Onikake In Komoro other than the traditional ‘zaru soba’ there are other ways to enjoy the soba such as ‘Onikake’. On celebratory occasions the soba is eaten with soup made from the various kinds of vegetables specially grown in the mountains of Komoro. WINE GRAPES GROWN AT AN ALTITUDE OF 700M TO 950M There is a long-established store where the tradition has been preserved and the business has run for more than 300 years. In addition, high quality wine grapes are cultivated and brewed here, they are often offered at international meetings to represent Japan. Komoro Castle Ruins Kaikoen Park and Sakura You can not only enjoy the magnificent view of Mt.Asama, but also the beautiful scenery of the rice and buckwheat fields. Additionally through out the town there are traditional buildings. The seasonal photogenic scenery will move your heart. World-class winery tours and tastings You can also experience the “brewing food culture” through making miso and visiting wineries. Shinshu miso where you can feel the history From the rich nature in Komoro an excellent ‘brewing food culture’ was produced. The Shinshu miso made from the underground water of Mt.Asama has become a nation-wide brand. Waki-honjin inn where you can feel the history with your touch At the Kaiko garden depending on the season you will be fascinated by the contrast of cherry blossoms or autumn leaves on the mossy stone walls.