Paragliding over Kinokawa Go paragliding in the largest flight area in Western Japan or go canoeing on the Kinokawa River. Blossoming peach trees The blossoming peach trees along the Kinokawa River have been selected as one of the top 100 aromatic landscapes of Japan for the enchanting haze of pink blossoms and the faintly sweet scent that hangs in the air, entrancing visitors. Tea rice porridge In addition to the clear waters of the Kinokawa River, the development of local agriculture owes much to chagayu, or tea rice porridge, which has long been a staple of local fruit farmers. This hearty dish is a harmonious blend of rice and the pleasant bitterness of the tea. Also called okaisan, tea rice porridge has been handed down as a local tradition with deep roots on the Kinokawa dinner table. Fruit sushi & Fruit pasta Visit local farms to buy the region’s famous fruit, or even pick it yourself while enjoying the beauty of the orchards. Purchase not only jam, but a variety of innovative fruit products such as sushi, pasta, and dessert confections, all made with local fruit. Events are held to provide nutritional education, particularly about fruit, and to promote the many benefits that fruit offers. The rock garden at Kokawadera Temple Make sure to also visit Kokawadera Temple to see its rock garden filled with eye-catching arrangements unlike any other garden in Japanese. A workshop for making peach jam As expected, in Kinokawa you can try all kinds of fruit-related experiences like picking fruit and making jam, but there is much more to explore and experience!