Obama, starting point of the Sabakaido (Mackerel Highway) Once a part of Miketsu Province, Obama was obligated to send salt and marine products to the imperial court in Kyoto. The starting point of the “Mackerel Highway,” Obama thus played a key role in developing the culinary traditions of Kyoto. To this day, those culinary traditions are maintained as part of a culture of gratitude for the blessings of nature.

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The town that started the Sabakaido road that supported Kyoto's food culture


JR Obama Station

It takes about 1 hour to arrive from Tsuruga Station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen. On the train, you can enjoy the traditional scenery of Japan.


Obamanishigumi Traditional Buildings Preservation District

You can enjoy the townscape with many buildings in the classic architectural style of the time while listening to the audio guide ON THE TRIP app.


Wakasa Obama Fish Center

This is a market where you can purchase fresh seafood, dried fish, sashimi, etc. from Wakasa Bay, which has supported food culture by sending seafood and salt to the capital since ancient times.


cloud castle water

Famous water (delicious water/fresh water) is gushing out right near the port. It is also used in specialty products such as kuzu manju, tofu, and sake.



National Treasure Myotsuji Temple

This temple is said to have been built in 806 by Sakanoue Tamuramaro (758-811), the Great Shogun of the Sei, and the main hall and three-storied pagoda are the only buildings in Fukui Prefecture that have been designated as national treasures.


Scenic spot Mantokuji Temple

Mantokuji Temple is an ancient temple registered as a national scenic spot. It is especially famous for its gardens, where you can enjoy the scenery that looks like a work of art not only during the autumn leaves around November, but also during the fresh greenery in early spring.


Wakasahime Shrine

It is one of the best shrines in Obama City, said to have a history of over 1,300 years, and is home to a sacred cedar tree that towers over 30 meters in height.

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