The lovely Seto Inland Sea. Ondo, Kure City, is located on the west side of Kurahashi Island in the northern half. Two bridges connect it to the Kure City mainland. The sea is calm here, and all you can hear are the sounds of waves, wind, boats, and the gentle laughter of the locals. It may not be glamorous, but there’s plenty to enjoy here: rich nature, a warm climate, delicious oysters from the island, and people who live peacefully and welcome visitors. Everything you need to live a happy life is right here. We cordially invite you to Kure and Ondo. Enjoy the oyster culture and the natural beauty of the Seto Inland Sea all to yourself.

Recommended Spots

Tour Route

Eat Ondo oysters and enjoy the nature of the Seto Inland Sea all to yourself.


Ondo Seto

Arrival at Seto in Ondo (Ondo Tourism and Culture Center Uzushi Ota). Leisurely watch the boats passing by on Ondo strait and be captivated by the scent of the sea, the sound of the waves, the wind, and the sound of the boats.



Check in for cycling (inside Ondo Tourism and Culture Center Uzushio) Rent a bicycle and start cycling around "islands that blend into the sky and sea".


Special oyster menu (oyster nigiri sushi, oyster rolls, oyster escabeche)

Enjoy the food culture of ``tradition x evolution'' Ondo oysters Traditional ``Oyster Meshi'' and ``Special Oyster Menu'' with recipes created by star chefs. (oyster rolls, oyster escabeche, oyster butter, etc.) at Tennin-an, Katsura-tei, 5 Eat at COFFEE MARKET and enjoy the unique taste of Ondo oysters.



Continue cycling along Kurahashi Island's coastline to Ondo Town and Kurahashi Town, arriving at a parking lot halfway up the volcano." It takes about 15 minutes to dismount and climb to the top of the mountain. On the summit of a volcanic mountain, a large rock provides 360-degree views of the Seto Inland Sea. Take in the scenery all to yourself



Oyster Rogaining

Participate in oyster rogaining Compete for points by visiting over 50 checkpoints strategically within 3 hours. In addition, Eat the ``Special Oyster Menu'' offered at three checkpoints, and afterward enjoy all-you-can-eat grilled oysters.