A trip to feel the history and depth of Japanese tea nurtured by the Oi- River Since the Oi-River basin area is a historic tea-producing region, there are many tea factories, and there are distinctive unprocessed teas with different “umami”, “astringency”, “fragrance”, “colour”, etc. depending on the cultivation conditions and the particular manufacturing method. High-quality Japanese tea is finished by “burning” (roasting) by a “Gogumi” (blend) professional called Chashi, and you can choose different tastes according to the scene and mood.

Recommended Spots

Tour Route

Route for savouring the delicacies of the sea and mountains nurtured by the Oigawa River.


Welcome Tea Ceremony Experience in Gyokuro-no-Sato

Fujieda City is one of the gyokuro production areas. The Hyogetsu-tei in the Gyokuro-no-Sato has a tea ceremony room, where you can enjoy tea in a Japanese atmosphere while admiring the beautiful natural scenery.


Views of Mount Fuji and the Izu Peninsula over Suruga Bay

The nutrient-rich waters of the Oigawa River flow into Suruga Bay in Yaizu City and nurture a rich variety of seafood. You can enjoy lunch at the Ogawa Port Fish Market Restaurant and see Mt Fuji over Suruga Bay.


Walking along Yakitsube-no-komichi and Hanazawa-no-sato

Hanazawa no Sato is a village full of historical atmosphere on Yakitsube-no-komichi, which is said to be the former Tokaido Road. It has been selected as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings.


Enjoy seafood from Suruga Bay and Shizuoka sake brewed with Oigawa River subsoil water

The wonderful array of sake, brewed with sake rice grown in the lower reaches of the Oigawa River and Shizuoka yeast using the underflow water of the Oigawa River, enhances the flavor of the seafood, starting with the exquisite southern bluefin tuna.


Oigawa Railway Retro Train Journey

Take a trip on the Oigawa Railway from Shinkanaya Station or KADODE OOIGAWA. Local people may wave to you from the scenery of tea plantations stretching along both banks of the river.

Take the Abt system train to Okuoi Lake Station.

Once you get off the Abt system train, please walk across the red bridge to the observation deck. The view of the mysterious Okuoi Lake Station, which seems to float on the lake, is a must-see.


At Tsuchiya Farm’s Sky Tea Terrace, enjoy the view and tea while learning about the dedication to Kawane tea and the tea grass field farming method.

At an altitude of 600m, the tea fields spread out as if nestled against the grand and harsh nature, it is a tea plantation in the sky. We are making tea with a tea grass field farming method that considers biodiversity.


Oigawa tea and rich agricultural products to discover at KADODE OOIGAWA

The taste of tea is determined by the steeping and heating process, as well as the temperature at which it is brewed, and KADODE OOIGAWA is a hands-on food park where you can find the tea of your choice.