Mount Aso

Mount Aso
Mount Aso Mount Aso
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– Nakadake crater
Generally speaking, Mt. Aso is well-known for its own Nakadake crater. This is where you can experience the force of nature’s breath as the earth trembles and plumes of smoke violently spew out. The crater wall’s stunning striped pattern is complemented by the exposed lava rock surface.

– Kusasenri
Kusasenri, a representation of a lovely grassland, is the remnants of Senrigahama Volcano, an active side volcano of Mount Eboshi. Unlike Sunasenri, which is located south of the Nakadake crater, this crater is known as Kusasenri or Kusasenrigahama because of its lovely green grass.

– Yonezuka
It is said to have been formed by an eruption about 3,300 years ago, and it is about 80m high, shaped like an upside-down bowl, and offers a beautiful grassy landscape.

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