Tahara City

Tahara City
Tahara City
Tahara City, located on the Atsumi Peninsula at the southernmost tip of Aichi Prefecture, is bounded on three sides by the Pacific Ocean, Ise Bay, and Mikawa Bay. The Kuroshio Current, which flows through the Pacific Ocean, has an impact on the climate all year. Agriculture produces one of Japan’s highest agricultural outputs, as well as a fishing industry that produces enormous clams, a variety of shellfish and fish, and beautiful blooms and blue flowers. It is a lovely place full of tourism and various industries where you can feel the sea and the lush beauty of nature. Enjoy the food, scenery, and experiences that can only be found on the Atsumi Peninsula and Tahara City with all five senses.

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Enjoy seasonal shellfish! [Lighthouse Chaya]

[Todai Chaya] is a tourist attraction on Cape Irago, at the tip of the Atsumi Peninsula. Freshly harvested shellfish are lined up in the aquarium at the storefront, and you can enjoy live, seasonal shellfish such as Atsumi Peninsula's famous giant clams and rock oysters.


Enjoy early spring in Atsumi by picking strawberries! [Nikken Farm]

From January to mid-May, you can pick juicy and sweet strawberries at Nikken Farm.


Irago Onsen: Relax in the spectacular infinity hot springs

At Irago Ocean Resort, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean, blue sky, and shining stars while relaxing in an open-air bath made from local Irago hot springs that flow directly into the ocean.


Atsumi Peninsula [Nanohana Festival]

From mid-January to late March, the main venue, Irago Nanohana Garden, is surrounded by stunning fields of rapeseed flowers.


Fish Market Enjoy seasonal fresh fish [Ichiba Shokudo]

Delicious 'Ichiba-don (seafood bowl),' their signature dish, is made with seasonal, fresh fish that is sent straight from the market. You can take a tour of the fish market and have fun witnessing the live auctions.


Enjoy a 360-degree panorama! Zaoyama Observation Deck

The eastern entrance to the Atsumi Peninsula, with a 360-degree panoramic view. The ''Hoshizora Terrace'' on the second floor is illuminated at night, and you can enjoy a fantastic place that creates the ''four seasons of Mt. Zao'' with lighting that changes according to the seasons.