Enjoy nature and art at Towada Oirase and eating the soul food ‘Towada Bara-yaki’ is the new normal The bara-yaki originates from a yakiniku restaurant run by people from the Korean Peninsula, who grilled the beef, except for the lean meat, left by the Americans at the US military base in Misawa after the war. After that, the shop moved to Towada due to the Misawa fire and the ‘bara-yaki’ spread to Towada citizens and has become a standard in Towada city.

Recommended Spots

Tour Route

Explore with kids - Family Trip around Towada


Towada Art Center & Museum

The works of contemporary artists are displayed in each of the rooms, and you will be surprised and make new discoveries as you move from one room to the next.

Towada Barayaki

"Towada Barayaki" is a B-rated gourmet meal. Towada's soul food is fried beef belly with lots of onions and sweet sauce, and tastes great with white rice!


Komokko Land

Komakko Land is a very popular place for children. There is something special about having a soft serve after a workout.


Michinoeki Oirase Roman Park

Have fun picking out souvenirs with your family! There is also a wide selection of local vegetables and a local beer to choose from.



Oirase Field Museum

Gather information on how to enjoy the Oirase Gorge and the recommended places to visit. You can also purchase souvenirs! You can also rent an "e-bike" and go cycling!

Strolling around the Oirase Gorge

Take a walk on the boardwalk and use a magnifying glass to examine the moss. The wonders of nature and the tiny world that exists within will amaze you.


Oirase's lovingly crafted bento boxes, which can be reserved in advance, are convenient and delicious. The Ortolana pizza baked in a stone oven is also highly recommended.

Lake Towada

Located in the Towada-Hachimantai National Park, this lake is in the caldera and surrounded by the Somma Mountains. It is also the source of the Oirase Stream. You can enjoy its beauty at any time of the year by taking sightseeing boats and canoes.