DANGO JIRU Located in northeastern Kyusyu, Kunisaki Peninsula has a rich history and culture such as Beppu Onsen, one of the most popular hot springs in Japan, and the Usa Shrine, which is said to be the first shrine-temple that incorporated Shinto and Buddhism. Kunisaki Peninsula has been producing grains like flour for centuries and locals have used them in powdered form. Dango jiru, a miso soup with flat dumplings, is a specialty dish in the area created during a time when the yield of rice was low. IMOKIRI In Himeshima, an island off the coast of Kunisaki Peninsula, there is a type of noodle called imokiri. When boiled, it has a slight sweetness to it and a supple, chewy texture. To make imokiri, sweet potatoes are sliced thin, dried and turned into powder form, then kneaded with water and cut into thin noodles. Boiled imokiri noodles are served with root vegetables and tofu simmered with soy sauce. GROWING OF SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS Surrounded by forests of sawtooth oak trees, the traditional growing of shiitake mushrooms has long been practiced in this area. Shiitake mushrooms on oak trees grow bigger and plumper. By taking well over two years to grow them, they retain umami and aroma, making them perfect for high-quality dried shiitake with a chewy texture. KUNISAKIHANTOU MINEMICHI LONG TRAIL (OFUDO IWAYA) Trekking course “The Kunisakihantou Minemichi Long Trail” based on the training path walked by the monks of Rokugo Manzan. KITSUKI MORIE BAY OYSTERS The place used to be called Toyonokuni (Bountiful land), and as the name suggests it is a fruitful area blessed with seafood and foods of the mountain, such as, oysters from Morie Bay, Himeshima’s Kuruma prawns, Hiji’s Shiroshita flatfish, and dried shiitake where Toyonokuni has the highest production rate of in Japan. Rock peaks of the scenic spot “Yabakei” (Shinyaba Gorge) Various peaks and unusually shaped rock Furthermore, you can see a variety of landscapes formed by the unique climate at the “Yabakei,” a scenic spot with rocky peaks. Usa Jingu Shrine “Hospitality Cuisine onthe road of gyoukoue” “Hospitality Cuisine on the road of gyoukoue” (Reproduced Cuisine) We are reproducing the Usa Jingu Shrine Shinto ritual “Gyoukoue” by using old records as reference and making it a modern “Hospitality Cuisine on the road of gyoukoue” using local specialities. Usa Jingu Shrine You can enjoy the “Usa Jingu Shrine,” one of Japan’s best shrines. There is also Tashibunosho, which has retained its appeance for over a 1000 years and used to be the manor of Usa Jingu Shrine. In addition, at Beppu Onsen, one of the world’s leading hot spring areas, you can feel the Earth’s breath from the steams rising from everywhere. RURAL GUEST HOUSE There is a menu of experiences to learn about the little known memories of Japan. Such as a “Rural stay experience” where you can experience the historical rural life, “Jigokumushi cooking experience” where you can experience the hot spring culture with food, “Gyoukoue” a special ritual of Usa Jingu Shrine.