Strawberry/Grape Picking Here at Wado Farm, you can enjoy picking various brands of strawberries like Amao and Kaorin. Using organic soil, their focus is their customers’ health and safety. Enjoy the literal fruits of labor by farming professionals who have been studying and researching organic soil for years. Also, they provide grape picking of Yama Ruby, which is Chichibu’s own brand of grapes. Please visit their website for more information. Countryside Stay -A farmhouse with a history of 300years- Miyamotoke is a farmhouse of the Miyamoto family that’s been around since the Edo period. They renovated the house and turned it into a farmhouse-style hotel where you can have an immersive experience in farming. You can observe historic artifacts from the Sengoku and the Edo period in their gallery. Besides participating in an immersive farming experience, there is a Goemonburo, a traditional Japanese-style bath, so you can fully experience the lifestyle from the old days. Chichibu Three Great Ice Pillars: The Misotsuchi Icicles, Onouchi Icicles and Ashigakubo Icicles This is a magnificent winter natural object created by spring water frozen by the winter cold where appears near the headwaters of the river. Some viewpoints such as seen from suspension bridges, while it illuminated, it can be enjoyed by variety of perspectives. Please be careful when you moving by car while the road were freezing over. Countryside Stay -Traditional folk house- NIPPONIA – a Japanese-style old house/storage house renovated and turned into a hotel. With no TV or clocks in the rooms, it’s reminiscent of the old days and you can take a break from busy city life. From beams, interior decoration to furniture, they’ve been kept intact for over 150 years and they have a remarkable old feel to them. The hotel has a café and a French restaurant that uses locally produced ingredients. Nature experience amusement park The immersive amusement park is located in the Chichibu Valley. You can enjoy various thrilling activities –  walking across Canyon Walk, which is a bridge built with wires and woods, or Canyon Bungee, where you can experience the 50-meter jump, etc.  Also, they offer footage of your experience recorded by a drone. Nagatoro Line Kudari River boating down the Arakawa River in a Japanese-style boat manned by a skilled Sento-san (boatman) is one of the best ways to truly experience Japanese nature. You get to watch the mountainous scenery while the boat hits occasional rapids – it’s almost like rafting.
In the winter, slow and calm rapids offer you a relaxing experience. The boats in the winter are equipped with kotatsu, which keep you warm while you enjoy the famous Iwadatami. Hitsujiyama Park Hitsujiyama Park, a popular spot in the spring is about 500 meters away from Seibu Chichibu station, a terminal station in Chichibu. Since the park is built on a hill, you can view the city of Chichibu. In the spring, 10 different shibazakura (moss phlox) come in full bloom and paint the ground in various shades of pink. Chichibu Night Festival This festival, which was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2016 with a history of 300 years, colored the nights of Chichibu with spectacular floats and fireworks. There are numerous legends about the origins of the festival, including that it is an annual meeting between the female deity of the shrine (Myoken Bosatsu = female deity of the Big Dipper and patron god of sericulture) and the male deity of Mount Mukou (Ryujin = male deity of water). Another legend has it that the festival is a way of returning the water that brought about a good harvest to the mountain (Mt Mukou). Fireworks and colourful floats brighten up the night in Chichibu. Shaved ice made with high-quality Chichibu water Bishamon’s ice is made from the japan famous water where from Mount of Bishamon. This Bishamon’s Shaved ice is fluffy and full of minerals. Then syrups are also made from local produce, with the tomato syrup which highly recommended.This shaved ice can be eaten at the Kannon Teahouse, located at the Chichibu mountain range. Also recommended are the ‘shin udon’ and ‘shin soba’ noodles which are made from Chichibu-grown wheat and carefully prepared by the shop owner every day. Maple Syrup This Maple syrup is made from natural maple trees which grow wild in Chichibu. Chichibu is a rare region in Japan where most of the maple tree species grow wild Maple trees are planted in the mountains then the tree sap were collected to make Chichibu Maple Syrup which is a very popular product. The Sugar House Maple Base, which is the first maple syrup production in Japan. Maple Base is a source region for the Maple brand where could experience the blessings of Chichibu’s rich forests with all five senses. In cooperation with mountain owners and an NPO, we aim to combine the ‘logging forestry’ which cedar and cypress and the ‘non-logging forestry’ which maple sap, to create a forest that will lead to the future. The café from Maple Base were also provides homemade maple and pancakes.