Aso City

Aso City
Aso City
Introducing the world to the thousand-year-old grasslands*! Terroir Aso Movement Mt. Aso, an active volcano emitting and one of the world’s largest calderas, has nurtured a unique natural environment in Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture, located in the center of Kyushu. It has a long agricultural history and vast grasslands. Enjoy the unique food culture that has developed as a result of people and the volcano coexisting, such as “Akaushi” raised on pasture in the grasslands, fermented foods like “Aso Takanazuke,” and dishes like dengaku. *This is because grasslands are mentioned in the Engishiki, a law book written around 1,000 years ago during the Heian period.

Recommended Spots

Tour Route

Become the guardian of the “Thousand Year Grasslands”! - 2 days


Mount Aso

We will visit the crater of Aso Nakadake, an active volcano emitting volcanic smoke, Kusasenrigahama Beach with its beautiful grasslands, and an upside-down bowl-shaped rice mound.


Thousand Year Grasslands” E-MTB Ride

You can ride an electric-assisted mountain bike through grasslands that are normally off-limits. Under the supervision of a professional guide you can descen all the way from the mountain's summit to its base.


Aso Shrine/Monzen Town

Following your visit to Aso Shrine, which honors the progenitor of Aso's development, you can stroll around the Monzenmachi shopping district's "Mizuki" spring water spot while savoring food and sweets.


Asano Yamaboshi

Mainly Akagyu raised in the grasslands of Aso, seasonal vegetables such as local taro, tofu and tofu fried with rich spring water are grilled over charcoal in the hearth.



This is the best vantage point for the five Aso peaks, whose shape has been compared to a reclining Buddha statue, and it provides a panoramic view of the Aso Valley, which stretches across the countryside and from the caldera's east wall to the west wall.


Two-man Paragliding experience

You will be able to see the majestic scenery of Aso from a bird's perspective and hear the voices of the sky during the piloting experience from Mt. Aso Somma, which you could never experience anywhere else.


“Thousand Year Grassland” Horse Riding

Enjoy a full-fledged horseback riding experience in which you ride your own horse through a vast grassland the size of 55 Tokyo Domes spread out on the mountains' northern rim.


Uchinomaki Onsen’s popular specialty “Akagyu Don”

Imakin Shokudo is a popular restaurant in Aso City, Uchinomaki's hot spring town, where people queue every day. Finish your journey with a lunch of "Akagyu don," a popular dish in the area.