Food, fun, and farming in a stunning mountain locale Hakuba’s tradition of welcoming visitors is as old as the town itself. Rising from humble origins as a series of way-stops along the Chikuni Highway, Hakuba offered rest and lodging to people traveling between the mountains of Shinano province and the Sea of Japan. Due to the town’s high elevation and cold climate, traditional Hakuba cuisine places special emphasis on preserving food for the winter months. Fermentation and other preservation methods have been handed down through the generations, forming the backbone of local food culture—a culture to which residents ascribe their exceptional health and longevity.

Recommended Spots

Tour Route

The Green Season in Hakuba - Enjoy the great outdoors and the traditional Japanese noodles.


Hakuba Happo-One Hiking

Hiking from Happo One Ski Resort to Happo Pond takes about 3 hours round trip and will take you to one of Japan's largest collections of alpine plants. Situated at an altitude of 2,060 m, Happo Pond offers breathtaking views of the Northern Alps and is home to Japan's finest collection of alpine plants. It is a must-see destination and was listed as one of CNN's "36 Most Beautiful Places in Japan" in 2017.

Hakuba Galette

A galette made with buckwheat flour from Hakuba and topped with local ingredients.


Staying at a resort hotel

Relax in luxurious surroundings. Enjoy Nagano Prefecture wine and dishes such as Shinshu salmon and Shinshu beef steak.



Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort

At the summit of Mt. Iwatake, you can experience HAKUBA MOUNTAIN HARBOR, where you can enjoy a full view of the Northern Alps, and enjoy activities such as mountain carting and mountain biking.

Soba Making Experience

The tasty Hakuba soba is grown in the chilly climate and crystal-clear waters of the Northern Alps. The village has plenty of soba shops. You can also find accommodations that offer the opportunity to learn how to make soba noodles.


Hot spring tour

Hakuba is a unique area in Japan with six hot springs to choose from. You can visit such hot springs as "Hakuba Happo Onsen," which is highly alkaline and Japan's only natural source of hydrogen, a rare element in the world, and "Shionomichi Onsen," which is brown and contains salt and iron.