Made by water and connected by people – Food culture in Iwami Province – Masuda City in the western part of Shimane Prefecture is a town rich in nature blessed with the Chugoku Mountains, the Sea of Japan, and the clear stream ‘Takatsu River’ with the best water quality in Japan. ‘Wasabi’ is cultivated in the headwaters of the Hikimi area in the mountains, and ‘natural ayu (sweetfish)’ is caught in the Takatsu River. Also, in this area, which has been designated as a Japanese heritage site, the ‘medieval food’ that was used by Mori Motonari during the Warring States period has been passed down.

Recommended Spots

Tour Route

Taste local cuisine and Sesshu Garden


Uzume Meshi (a traditional dish in Satoyama)

A chance to pick fresh vegetables in the Satoyama fields and cook a classic meal called "uzume meshi" with the local people. The dishes that are prepared will be served as a gozen in the main hall of the historic temple.

Visit Sesshu's garden for delightful garden tourism.

We'll visit the Iko-ji and Manpuku-ji temples, which have gardens created by Sesshu, who is known for his ink paintings. If you are interested in history, you can also take a tour with an interpreter guide.


Enjoy the delicious cuisine of the Sea of Japan and the clear Takatsugawa River at Tagosaku Izakaya.

Fish and squid from the Sea of Japan, ayu and crab from the Takatsu River, and locally produced sake are among the fresh ingredients available daily. The renovated building, which still has a vintage feel to it, is a popular hangout spot.


Iwami Yokagura

Iwami Kagura is a traditional practice inherited in the western region of Shimane Prefecture. Enjoy your evening with beautiful costumes and lively music during your trip. Masuda shows are available every Saturday in front of Masuda Station, except for closed days.



Ayu fishing in the clear water “Takatsugawa”

Experience fishing for sweet fish, known as ayu, taught by local fishermen on the Takatsu River. This clear stream has the highest water quality in Japan. If you catch a sweet fish, you can grill it with salt right on the river bank. And if you aren't able to catch a fish, there is also a salt-grilled sweet fish available.

Ebisu Shrine, known as the Mont Saint Michel of the Sanin area.

The Ebisu Shrine is located on a small island by the beach. The sandy beach in front of the shrine can be difficult to cross due to tides and waves, but you can appreciate the view of the shrine as it looks like it's floating on the sea.


Ayu zoni, a traditional dish in the Takatsugawa region.

In an old house in a fishing town overlooking the Ebisu shrine, Zoni is made from sweet fish from the Takatsu River. Have a taste of the exquisite flavor of this ayu, which is different from the salt-grilled ayu.